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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Nation branding and consolidation of the nation through the example of KyrgyzstanAsanbaeva, Alima
2014Nation-building in the Post-Soviet Central AsiaGurbangeldiyev, Atamyrat
2011Natural bases for the developement of tourism in Kyrgyz Republic and it’s potential in the world tourist marketBobushev, T.S.; Nizamiev, A.G.; Orozalieva, A.A.
2010Natural Bases for the Development of Tourism in the Kyrgyz Republic and Its Potential in the World Tourist MarketBobushev, T.S.; Nizamiev, A.G.; Orozalieva, A.A.
2009New archaeological materials of the Stone Age in At-Bashi rayonAbdykanova, Aida
2012New Media (credit value 3)Ryskulova, Nargiza
2009Notice on Relative Weak Extension PropertyNurakunov, A.M.
2010Obligation of the Kyrgyz Republic under the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and TheirAdditional Protocol I of 1977 Concerning Grave Breaches of International Humanitarian LawNogoibaeva, E.K.; Myrsalieva, N.K.
2010On Peculiarities of Spatial Semantics of Buryat VerbsBardamova, E.A.
2011On-Line JournalismToralieva, Gulnura; Bektour, Iskender
2008Open Electronic Library – from initiative to reality at the community of Kyrgyz librariesBattalova, Sania
2013Organizational PsychologyYarova, Olga
2007-09-12T06:23:55ZOsh-Bishkek-Almaty-Moscow and return? How Different Generations Sustain Their Livelihoods in Multilocal SettingsThieme, Susan
2010Ownership rights of foreign persons over the land parcels in the Kyrgyz republic: law and practiceSafarbek kyzy, Aisanat
2007Patterns of Regional IntegrationBeimenbetov, S.T.
2011PedagogyBagdasarova, Nina
2010Peer-Review Publications for Improving Scholarship in Central AsiaShamatov, D.; Schatz, E.; Niyozov, S.
2011Peoples and Cultures of Central Asia (Spring 2011)Turdalieva, Cholpon
2011Peoples and Cultures of Middle East (Spring 2011)Chotaeva, Cholpon
2003Perception of justice: group identity and similaritySadykova, Nazgul