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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Qualifying Rules on the State Exam in European Studies Department-
2013Qualifying Rules on the State Exam in European Studies Department-
2011Qualitative Research MethodsJumayeva, Selbi
2014-01-03Quantitative Research MethodsAblezova, Mahinur
2009The Race-Based Affirmative Action: Does It Constitute Violation of the United States Laws?Nogoibaeva, E.K.; Esenkulova, B.B.
2013-05Reasons and Types of Participation of Ethnic Korean in Political Activities in KyrgyzstanCho, Won Bin
2008Reform of the Public Health Sector of the Kyrgyz Republic: Case Profile of the Preventive Maintenance of Diabetes 2Bobusheva, G.S.
2015Reforms of the United Nationssecurity Council and It'sVeto PowerErkinbek kyzy, Aidai
2014-01-03Regional Economic IntegrationUmurzakov, Kubat
2013-01Regionale Europaen Literature-
2015Religion and State Relations in Kyrgyzstan: the Debate Posed by RadicalizationIakupbaeva, Zukhra
2014-04-30The Religious Conversion of Women in Interfaith Marriages from Christianity to Islam: Reconstructing identity in the dialogue with self and othersLi, Evgeniya
2013-09-03Required Courses for 2012-13 admits-
2011Required Courses for the Minor-
2013-11-04T04:25:58ZRequirements for minor-
2014-01-01Requirements for Summer Archaeological Fieldwork Practicum-
2011Requirementsto the senior (professional) project-
2010Research activities-
2013-01Research Methods-
2014-01-08Research MethodsAtsungur, Görkem