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dc.contributor.authorSafarbek kyzy, Aisanat-
dc.description.abstractThis work is dedicated to the analysis of the legal regulation of foreign persons’ ownership rights over the land parcels in the Kyrgyz Republic and its problematic aspects. Analysis of these issues through comparison of different states’ legislative experiences aims to find out necessary solutions. In the course of writing this paper it was found that there are few similar works on analysis and evaluation of legal regulation of foreign persons’ property rights over the land parcels in the Kyrgyz Republic. Those works are investigated by Alenkina N., Kolesnichenko S., and International Business Council. In this regard, this research paper represents a continuation of the mentioned works and an attempt to develop new approaches for this issue. This work has theoretical importance for the improvement of the land legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, because it analyzes problematic aspects of the regulation itself and tries to give appropriate solutions. Its findings and provisions may be used in researches, legal analysis, and in teaching processes of land and civil laws.en_US
dc.publisherDepartment of International and Business Lawen_US
dc.subjectland parcels in the Kyrgyz Republicen_US
dc.subjectof foreign persons’ property rightsen_US
dc.titleOwnership rights of foreign persons over the land parcels in the Kyrgyz republic: law and practiceen_US
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