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Title: Osh-Bishkek-Almaty-Moscow and return? How Different Generations Sustain Their Livelihoods in Multilocal Settings
Authors: Thieme, Susan
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2007
Abstract: Bishkek and cities in Russia and Kazakhstan are major destinations for labour migrants from rural South Kyrgyzstan. Next to search for a better income, younger men and women also migrate for education and to escape traditions like early marriage. Children and elderly people are left behind. In Kazakhstan and Russia the majority of migrants work de facto illegal on territory, where they would have had the same citizenship and rights only some years ago, including all stigma and risks for their livelihoods illegality implies. However, the way in which migrants appropriate their working and living spaces strongly depends on gender, age and the cities they have been migrated to. While elderly often feel that this separation of the traditional family is only temporary, younger people start placing their lives at other places than where they originally come from. This lecture will look into the multilocal setting of families and at the different and sometimes controversial perceptions and experiences of migration and their consequences for different generations involved.
Description: Susan Thieme holds PhD in Geography from University of Zurich, Switzerland. Her doctoral research focused on labor migration from Nepal to India and selected aspects of migrants' daily lives, such as working and living conditions, management of loans and savings, and remittance transfer. Since 2006 she is leading a project, “Sustaining Livelihoods in Multilocal Settings”, looking at risks and potential of migration for people’s livelihoods in Central Asia and South Asia. Susan Thieme works at the Geography Department, University of Zurich. In the past, she was a Visiting Fellow at the Sussex Center for Migration Research, University of Sussex, UK.
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