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dc.contributor.authorBardamova, E.A.-
dc.description.abstractSpatial semantics is revealed at all levels of a language. Spatial ideas in the Buryat language can be also expressed with the help of verbs which represent the notions of the lingua-cultural community about the shape, location and size of a certain object, its height, length and width, its clarity or obscurity, its smoothness or roughness, its stable or unstable position in space, its ability to occupy certain space, and any other change of its parameters. The article determines the basic motivational features of these verbs and analyzes some peculiarities of understanding spatial characteristics in the Buryat language.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican University of Central Asiaen_US
dc.titleOn Peculiarities of Spatial Semantics of Buryat Verbsen_US
Appears in Collections:Academic Review 2010 #2

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