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Title: The European Union in the globalization era: big market, big player?
Authors: Igoshina, Natalia
Issue Date: May-2011
Abstract: European Union is sui generis. It emerged as a unique entity. In the 21st century union experiences the globalization processes as never before. Thanks to these processes the EU can enjoy the free trade area, customs union as a reaction to the globalization, trade flows, open its market and use its big market resources effectively. In this paper there will be the examples through which will be given an attempt to prove that the EU is a big player because of its big market. There are taken into the consideration such aspects as the single currency and customs union; WTO in order to show that the EU can act as a single actor on trade issues on the world arena and other examples of the trade involvement of the EU. Paper also looks at the perceptions of the outside countries on the EU that is going to help to answer the main question. This paper will proceed from the assumption that EU is more unified economically than other regions in the world. It speaks on behalf of 27 countries in trade, it challenges the USA in international trade and possesses one of the world’s important reserve currencies. It is a key player in the World Trade Organization. EU is seen by ‘outsiders’ as a reliable partner. That all allows the EU to be called a big player because of a big market on the global stage.
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