Welcome to the AUCA Digital Library!

AUCA Digital Library is institutional repository (an open archive) where the University academic records are compiled and kept. This is a broad Collection of full text documents by its content and structure that displays intellectual outputs of the University: theses and abstracts, AUCA editions, published articles of academics, teachers and staff, teaching and methodological materials, students papers, other data and etc.


Purpose of the institutional repository establishment is to disseminate and preserve of digital materials created by the members of the University, and to demonstrate the University's intellectual outputs worldwide, as well.


The university members have great opportunity to make their works and research results visible, accessible, useable and citable worldwide in digital context and in open access through publishing them in the institutional repository (AUCA digital library).


AUCA institutional repository is the place where you can publish their papers, share research data or store t digitized images or multimedia collections.


The repository has good potential for value added services and offers a range of benefits to teachers, researches and students.


What are benefits for the University?


What are benefits for the University members?


What types of materials can you place in the repository?


You can bring your materials for publishing in the repository to the Library, room # 334.

If you have any questions, please contact library staff by email library@auca.kg or phone 915-000 (303 ext.).