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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Afghanistan: an Inadvertant Choice for a Unitary State?Khalili, Mahmud Kaber
2014-01-03Agricultural Policy, Trade and DevelopmentJault, Jean-Baptiste; Garcia, Roberto
2008Algorithmic Language and Classification of Verbs for Computer-Based PresentationPankov, P.S.; Dolmatova, P.S.
2012Alternative Images for Breaking Stereotypes Built by ImagesHayytmuradova, Gulzara
2010-05-05Ambiguity of the Effectiveness of the European Union’s Development Aid towards Central AsiaMolchanova, Regina
2013-10-18T09:56:38ZAmerican Culture through Short StoriesLarionova, Irina
2013-10-18T10:10:35ZAmerican Economic History from 1865 to the present-
2011American Government and Politics-
2011American Presidency-
2011American Society Fall 2011Larionova, Irina; Esenkulova, Begaiym
2012American Studies Department Spring 2012-
2011American Studies Department's Peer Review Policy-
2011American Studies Internship Policy-
2011American Studies plan-
2011American Studies Policy on Senior Project-
2010Analysis and Research in Electronic Media IKuluev, Kaarmanbek
2013-05-14T05:57:28ZAnalysis Of Propaganda Techniques Used In Political Campaign Videos By Runners To Bishkek City Council In 2012Enterieva, Indira
2013Anatomy and Physiology of Central Nervous System and Complex Nervous ActivityTsoy, Elena
2012Animal Behavior and Comparative PsychologyTsoy, Elena
2014-01-01Anthropology catalog 2013-2014-