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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Early Intervention into parenting : fostering development of children through educating parents-
2011Economic Anthropology (Spring 2011)Inogamova, Zemfira
2007-11-08T06:15:00ZEconomic Growth and Poverty Reduction in the Kyrgyz RepublicKudabaev, Zarylbek
2009Economic Growth and Well-being – Statistical PerspectiveKudabaev, Zarylbek I.
2009-11-30Economic Growth of Kyrgyzstan: Role of Sectors of Economy = Экономический рост Кыргызстана: роль секторов экономикиKudabaev, Z.; Kudabaeva, M.
2014-01-03Economic HistoryThicke, Mike
2011-05The Economic impact of European IntegrationDamirbek kyzy, Eliza
2009Economic Reform Strategy in the Kyrgyz RepublicKudabaev, Z.I.
2014-01-03Economic Research: Paper WritingUkueva, Nurgul
2007Economic strategy for poverty reduction in the Kyrgyz RepublicKudabaev, Z.I.
2014-01-03Economics and Social Network AnalysisWelch, Robert
2014-01-03Economics of the firmKonstants, Liudmila
2014-01-03Economics of the Public sectorNurieva, Gulnara N.
2000Education and democracyMinier, Judy
2014-05-25Effect of ABA Therapy on Language and Communication Skills among Children with Autism in KyrgyzstanSemikina, Anna
2010Effective Writing Opens OpportunitiesMinenkov, I. O.
2011-02-03T06:46:33ZElectronic resources and services to support academic process at AUCABattalova, Sania
2014The emergence of political parties in Kyrgyzstan and Western Europe. Patronage network as a basis for party formation.Baizakova, Nuraiym
2008Employee Handbook-
2019-08-29Encountering the multiple semiotics of marshrutka surfaces – what can marshrutka decorations and advertisements tell us about its everyday actors?Turdalieva, Cholpon; Weicker, Tonio