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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Patterns of Regional IntegrationBeimenbetov, S.T.
2011PedagogyBagdasarova, Nina
2010Peer-Review Publications for Improving Scholarship in Central AsiaShamatov, D.; Schatz, E.; Niyozov, S.
2011Peoples and Cultures of Central Asia (Spring 2011)Turdalieva, Cholpon
2011Peoples and Cultures of Middle East (Spring 2011)Chotaeva, Cholpon
2003Perception of justice: group identity and similaritySadykova, Nazgul
2013-05-14T06:02:17ZPerception of the Film “Empty Home” by N.Egen Among the Audience in KyrgyzstanKalykova, Jazgul
2018Personal Ornament Production Technology in the Early Holocene Complexes of Western Central Asia: Insights from Obishir-5Abdykanova, A.K.; Fedorchenko, A.Y.; Shnaider, S.V.; Krajcarz, M.T.; Romanenko, M.E.
2013-05-14T05:54:26ZPhoto Credibility and News Reporting: Individual Reception TendencyUi, Jin Han
2011PhotographySchrier, Kirstin
2013-09-03Photography (credit value 3/6)Skochilo, Elena
2013-10-18T10:22:10ZPhotography in American HistoryKate, Sampsell-Willmann
2011Physical AnthropologyAbdykanova, Aida
2011Physiology of CNSMurdock, Gwen; Molchanova, Elena
2014Physiology of CNS and Sensory SystemsMolchanova, Elena
2012Policy on minor in law-
2014Policy on minor in law-
2012-10Policy on minor in law for 2012 admits and those who enters later-
2013-05-14T06:10:24ZPolitical Advertisements of New Media Epoch Research on Features of New Media and Political Expression of New MediaCho, Seunghyun
2011Political anthropology (Fall 2011)Rahimov, Ruslan