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Title: Image of Germany and Germans by young and old generations in Bishkek
Authors: Kyzaeva, Jamilya
Keywords: Germany
outstanding people
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Publisher: American university of Central Asia. European Studies Department
Abstract: International relations is one of the most important studies in scientific world. Conflicts change relations and images that nations have of each other. World War II as the biggest and the most horrible conflicts of the XX century resulted in changing attitude towards Germany and the whole German nation. One of the biggest tragedies of German nation is scar of war. People still associate Germany with war and those terrible times of war. Due to the fact that Kyrgyz people within Soviet Union fought against regime of Nazi Germany, it is very interesting to understand attitude of old and young generation of Bishkek towards Germany and Germans nowadays. The present research was based on results of empirical survey. One hundred twenty five respondents completed a survey that assessed the images they have of Germany and Germans. Empirical survey showed us that people did not forget horrors of War, however now they have different attitude towards Germany and Germans. Surprisingly old generation nowadays have an even clearer ally image, but at the same time old people have stronger imperialist image. Both old and young generation indicated lot of positive associations with Germany and Germans. This study is extremely important for European studies because it sheds light on relations between Kyrgyzstan, former Soviet Union country, and Germany, former enemy of the Soviet Union.
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