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Title: Using a Specific Pedagogical Theory in the Construction of Mathematics Placement Tests for Incoming School-Leavers at the American University of Central Asia
Authors: Altynnikova, L.A.
Atamanov, E.R.
Sklyar, S.N.
Keywords: pedagogics
Issue Date: 2008
Series/Report no.: 2
Abstract: In this article the authors emphasize the importance of carrying out conceptions of the primal pedagogic theory, conceived by V.S. Avanesov, for different methods of mathematical tests preparation. The authors will present data from mathematical tests, which were used to select future students, who entered the American University of Central Asia from 1999 to 2004. The article confirms the importance of every task having its own mission and specification. The main goal of the test is to inspire college entrant’s active and independent study. Their competence must grow for reaching a higher level.
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