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Title: Market Psychology
Authors: Bagdasarova, Nina
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: American University of Central Asia. Psychology Department
Abstract: This course examines how market affects our behavior, attitudes, and even values. The constant exchange is the greatest part of our lives. All of us are the consumers and sellers at the same time. What makes a difference between professionals in marketing and ordinary people? What kind of knowledge do we need to be aware about our decision making? What instruments do we use to influence decisions of others? How do we know that certain exchange is equivalent and fair? When do we feel cheated? And eventually: what are the limits of exchange interpretations and market metaphors? Are our feelings situated beyond the market exchange? To get better understanding of all these questions we will try to acquire the following skills: Understand how different psychological explanations can be used in the marketing Get a basic understanding about consumers’ decision making Analyze marketing strategies in psychological prospective Get a basic practical skills in marketing research Understand how market shapes our world perception
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