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Title: Pedagogy
Authors: Bagdasarova, Nina
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: American University of Central Asia. Psychology Department
Abstract: This course examines how education influences our knowledge of ourselves and our world. Education is maybe the main factor that affects our attitudes, values and behavior. Education is definitely connected with politics and social life. But at the same time it’s remaining a quite separate scope of human activity and people living and working within this scope deserve a special analysis. Moreover education is maybe the main thing that defines our future. The question is: what instruments (consciously or unconsciously) do we use to organize our educational system in general and our classroom environment in particular? What kind of approaches and concepts condition our pedagogy? And what kind of reflection is required from psychologist for analyzing this sphere? To get better understanding of all these issues we will try to acquire the following skills: Understand how different types of societies define educational policies Get a basic understanding of the effects of different pedagogical approaches on attitudes and behavior Understand how education constructs a reality which may or may not be similar to the “real world” Analyze educational programs, curricula and syllabi etc. for potential competences, messages and values conveyed
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