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Title: Political Psychology
Authors: Bagdasarova, Nina
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: American University of Central Asia. Psychology Department
Abstract: The connections between Psychology and Politics are quite obvious but no so well explored and described. Psychology as an experimental science locked in the labs is not always fitting to complicated political life. Political Sciences in turn are too abstract and schematic for lively psychological concepts. Both of these fields have a lot of problems trying to describe real life events by notional language. Meanwhile politics is a big part of our inner life as well as human ideas and emotions are really important for politics. In addition the nowadays are not so easy to analyze in traditional political and psychological terms. So this course is very reflective and creative because the ways to understand Political Psychology are not established and there are a lot of opportunities to create new knowledge and methodology. We will mostly work within interdisciplinary approaches applying critical discourse analysis, cognitive studies and various theories on motivation. We will also try to conduct some actual experiments and research through playing games and analyzing real people.
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