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Title: Psychology of Mass Communication
Authors: Bagdasarova, Nina
Keywords: MC 420
MC 190
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: American University of Central Asia. Psychology Department
Abstract: This course examines how media influence our knowledge of ourselves and our world. Media definitely affect our attitudes, values and even behavior. The media effects do exist and the journalists are the main authors of these effects. The question is: what instruments (consciously or unconsciously) do they use to frame our vision of events? What narratives and metaphors shape our everyday life? What discursive figures determine our choice? And finally: what kind of reflection is required from media professionals? To get better understanding of journalists’ work we will try to acquire the following skills: Understand how different types of analysis can be used to study effects of media Get a basic understanding of the effects of media on attitudes and behavior Understand how media effects are shaped by narratives and metaphors Understand how dominant discourse affect the media products and vice versa how media effects influence discursive practices Understand how media construct a reality which may or may not be similar to the “real world” Analyze TV programs, film, news, etc. for messages and values conveyed
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