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Title: Syllabus for the course Developmental Psychology
Authors: Yarova, Olga
Keywords: PSY 238
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: American University of Central Asia. Psychology Department
Abstract: Human life starts with miracles – the miracle of life inside the mother’s belly, the miracle of new creature birth, the miracle of transformation from a silent and helpless baby to a selfaware, smart, nimble and talkative human being just in few years. What are the mechanisms behind such changes? Is it possible to foster the development and what are the risks? What are the main goals we should strive for on each stage of our development? Developmental psychology course provides an introduction to the milestones of human development from conception to death. It addresses the issues of physical, cognitive, and social growth of people with special attention to the various cultural contexts of development and rich diversity of individuals. I hope that this course will help you to understand better human psychology at different age, factors that influence our development and that you will be able to apply concepts and information you receive here not only in other courses, your professional careers but also in your personal life.
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