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Title: History and Methodology of Psychology
Authors: Bagdasarova, Nina
Keywords: PSY 290
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: American University of Central Asia. Psychology Department
Abstract: This course is about general understanding of how psychological thought has been developing. This kind of courses is absolutely necessary for each professional psychologist since Psychology is a scope of knowledge containing manifold approaches to scientific theories and various practices. The core of each of these approaches consists of principles and concepts determining research methods and interpretations of scientific facts. The choice of conceptual language is heading to certain “visions” of a psyche’s essence as a “soul”, “behavior”, “consciousness”, “gestalt”, “activity” and so on… And this vision is defining the set of methods that does usually work within the only conceptual framework. Developed capability to see and explain interconnections between principals, concepts and methods is one of the main professional skills for conducting psychological research as well as exercise any type of psychological practices.
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