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Title: Multicultural Societies: Religious and Social Conflicts (in Europe)
Authors: Atsungur, Görkem
Shamanaeva, Svetlana
Keywords: multiculturalism
ES 301.1
ES-AMS 327
AMS 327
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: Department European Studies
Abstract: The objective of the course is to present theoretical and practical framework of multiculturalism. The course will also analyse major political and legal instruments. It will be examined both at the national level in Europe and at the supranational EU level. As a result of these, this course is divided in three basic sections focusing on different perspectives of multiculturalism. Firstly, it begins with the theoretical framework which attempts to conceptualize multiculturalism. Second part of the course is devoted to the methodological approaches such as migration trends, religious confrontation in Europe (Muslims and Jewish), social conflicts and roma community. And finally country case studies from Europe and America will be examined.
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