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Title: Eurasian Integration as a Russian Tool of Resistance to Globalization
Authors: Sharshenova, Kanykei
Keywords: globalization
Eurasian integration
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Department of International and Comparative Politics
Abstract: Today in the era of globalization, the world can see that a lot of attempts to establish regional integration took place. One of them is the Eurasian Integration with dominant role of Russia. The paper provides a theoretical background in order to understand what are regionalism and globalization, their relationship and theory of intergovernmentalism that explains the Eurasian Integration. Thesis tracks the history and analyzes the foreign policy of Russia, how the country is using EI as a tool of resistance to globalization, Russian attempts to create a geopolitical region due to struggle for sphere of influence and need to strengthen own position in Eurasian region and. Also the author discusses how Russia uses the aspects that make the Eurasian Integration as antiglobalization process: economic and political. The thesis concludes that EI is an objective reality; the project is developing and deepening due to what the member-states inherited from the Soviet Union: common history, culture and close relations.
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