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Title: The Implications of Internal Migration on Socio-Political Stability in Kyrgyzstan
Authors: Zhorokulova, Zhibek
Keywords: Kyrgyzstan
internal migration
sociopolitical stability
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Department of International and Comparative Politics
Abstract: The study focuses on the positive and negative implications of internal migration on sociopolitical stability in Kyrgyzstan. This is because of the poorly developed registration mechanisms, lack of cooperation among state institutions which are unaware of the current patterns of internal migration, negative perception of the process and negligence from the government negatively impacts the rural-urban movement. The thesis will also reveal the positive effects of internal migration. The research will look at migration of rural dwellers to Bishkek and Osh cities from neighboring villages and other parts of Kyrgyzstan. The interest in studying internal migration derives from its impact on socio-political instability in Kyrgyzstan, mismanagement from the government’s side and ineffective policies that regulate the process. Moreover, the study aims at contributing to the limited research on internal migration in Kyrgyzstan.
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