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Title: International water resource management cooperation in Central Asia
Authors: Baiazbekova, Aigerim
Keywords: water
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Department of International and Comparative Politics
Abstract: Since the collapse of the Soviet Union with its centralized unified system of allocation of water quotas, Central Asia has become the region of conflicts related to distribution and management of water resources. Growing demand and declining supply along with rising nationalism and competition between five Central Asian states have deteriorated a possibility for finding a regional approach to replace the Soviet system of water management. This study seeks to examine why Central Asian states (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) find it difficult to cooperate in the sphere of water resource regulation. It will also explore factors why regional institutions and agreements have not been successful in the Central Asian context. In conclusion, some policy recommendations for improving water management in the region are suggested.
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