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Title: Computer-Assisted Analysis of Manas Narratives: Demonstrations and Directions'
Authors: Plumtree, James
Keywords: Manas Epos
Digital Humanities
quantitative analysis
Ever-Increasing Juk
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: American University of Central Asia
Abstract: This paper shows how computer-assisted text analysis can greatly aid the field of Manas Studies. Though general patterns can be noted through traditional means of analysis, quantifying textual variants sidesteps the use of vague general impressions by providing statistical data that can permit more specific and nuanced insights. In addition to illuminating individual performances and performers via comparison, this method can further research into the topic including attribution, and measuring the impact of variables. The paper then proposes possible research into specific elements to deal with an ever-growing corpus, and stresses the potential findings and fresh perspectives from using large-scale computer-assisted corpus analysis.
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