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Title: Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in the Kyrgyz Republic
Authors: Kudabaev, Zarylbek
Issue Date: 8-Nov-2007
Abstract: In his presentation, Dr. Kudabaev will consider methodology of poverty assessment in the Kyrgyz Republic. The report will reflect figures on alleviation of extreme poverty. It will be argued that the increase of average income affects the poverty more than the redistribution of resources. In addition, the strategy of direct support of the poorest population and conditions for poverty reduction will be addressed.
Description: Mr. Kudabaev is a Doctor in Economics and Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. He graduated from the post-graduate School of Central Scientific-Research Institute of Metallurgy, Moscow, Russia. Mr.Kudabaev is an author of two books, number of articles, and participant of many international conferences on Economics, Statistic and Physic. Currently, he is a head of Economics Department at the American University of Central Asia.
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