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Title: Freedom of Thought, Consciousness and Responsibility
Authors: Abdurazakov, Ishenbai
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2007
Abstract: Seminar "Freedom of Thought, Consciousness and Responsibility" was organized to commemorate Dr. Ishenbai Abdurazakov’s 70th birthday.
Description: Dr. Abdurazakov is an outstanding public figure. He is a member of AUCA Board of Trustees. Dr. Abdurazakov is a former State Secretary of the Kyrgyz Republic (1996-1999). He holds a d iplomatic position of Ambassador Plenipotentiary. Dr. Abdurazakov received his first degree in Economics from the Moscow State Economical Institute in 1959, and graduated from High Diplomatic School under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR in 1970. During 1971–1975, he served as the Third Secretary and later as the Advisor on USSR-Japanese Relations at the Embassy of USSR in Japan. In 1994, he joined the Kyrgyz Republic President’s Administration, and worked as Advisor to the President during 1995-1996. During 1996-1999 Dr. Abdurazakov was the State Secretary of Kyrgyz Republic. Currently, he is the President of Kyrgyzstan-Japan Society and President of Diplomats Association of Kyrgyz Republic. He is also member of Advisory Board for the Political Research Foundation “Project of Future. For his brilliant public service Dr. Abdurazakov was awarded the “Danaker” Medal, which is one of the highest honors in Kyrgyzstan.
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