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Title: Digital curation: Opportunities and perspectives for libraries of Kyrgyzstan
Authors: Rafikova, Safia K.
Keywords: digital library
digital preservation
digital curation
electronic archive
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: In the digital age libraries have huge opportunities to provide resources for the community through new and innovative technologies. Information technologies play an important role in a long-term preservation of scientific and cultural heritage of knowledge and documents which are the important prerequisite for successful development of information community. These technologies allow libraries not only to be developed creating digital collections and repositories (open archives), but also to disseminate information through Internet thus extending the meaning of freedom of information and access to knowledge. One of the approaches to preservation of cultural heritage and broad access to information resources of libraries are digitized resources and web content. But quick dissemination of information technologies will cause the activeness of preservation of digital heritage in the world. The report introduces with USA and other countries libraries experience on creation, management and preservation of digital assets (digital curation); determines the main stages of life-cycle of digital objects; and views the opportunities and perspectives of digital curation development in the libraries of our country.
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