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Title: Natural bases for the developement of tourism in Kyrgyz Republic and it’s potential in the world tourist market
Authors: Bobushev, T.S.
Nizamiev, A.G.
Orozalieva, A.A.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Kyrgyz Republic is a highland that causes richness and variety of tourist resources. All regions of the country have enough quantity and quality of tourist resources. These are mountain peaks, glaciers, rivers and lakes, mineral waters and medical dirt’s, favorable mountain climate, forests and other kinds of vegetation, animals, etc. For high-grade use of the tourist potential the country needs to develop material base and service, and also to develop and apply the marketing strategy, to offer tourist product. The choice of the target market will allow Kyrgyz Republic taking in the long term of the strong position in the world market of tourism.
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