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dc.contributor.authorAilifeire, Aierken-
dc.description.abstractRelations of European Union and People’s Republic of China have made significant achievements in short historical period of time. Core of their relations has been mainly economic. In 1985, Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement engaged them unconditionally. The suggestion of engagement was not to be conditional on specific Chinese behavior. Further they have signed several different agreements to develop their relations. However, first decade of EUChina trade relation was largely symbolic due to its insignificant trade volume. Chinese transition economy had much to approve in its strongly centralized economy in order to play the global economic game with the other economies on equal terms. While preparing itself for the membership status for WTO, EU was one of the parties that favored and help Chinese fulfillment of requirements of the WTO. EU had great expectations from this membership, as all the other members, since entrance into WTO meant having all the trading partners under common rules and obligations of WTO. However, EU’s expectations were not met. EU-China relations still have problems on human rights issue, arms embargo lifting, transparency and easy access to Chinese market, anti-dumping and anti-subsidizing issues, copy-right and IPR protection issues and many other issues, which remain as source of misunderstanding and conflict among EU and China. Another source is the complex and not transparent governmental system of China and divided and not unified voice of EU. Researching all this problems and attitudes of EU on China as well as Chinese view of EU, paper highlights the main obstacles for further mutually beneficial relations. Weighting all the opportunities and threats of the relations I propose EU to rethink over its strategy toward China in a way that further relations with economic giant will not harm EU economically.en_US
dc.titleLinking Two Growing Poles: European Union-China Relationsen_US
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