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Title: Is there regional level of governance in the European Union?
Authors: Aitakhunova, Cholpon
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Abstract: The process of regionalism has been present in the European Union in parallel with the integration process. Simultaneously, it has been considered as an important factor influencing the integration process as well as having back influence from integration. The research assesses the interconnection and interdependence between the two processes. The paper provides examples of different types of regions, both created by the regions themselves as a bottom-up process as well as initiated from the top by the European Union, and it also shows how the multi-level decisionmaking works in the system of the European Union. The research findings indicate the emerging importance of regional participation in the EU decision-making system and show how in the course of years this interaction between the three levels in the EU, the supranational, national and regional developed with close consideration of institutionalizing of the regional level participation through the establishment of the special body, the Committee of the Regions, to represent the regional interests on the EU arena. This also shows whether positive or negative role the regions played in the process of integration. And based on the assessment of the role of the regions in the integration process, the final answer flows out on defining whether there is a regional level of governance in the EU or in contrary there is only regional participation.
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