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Title: Development of Parliamentarism in England
Authors: Kasymkulov, Erik
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Abstract: England was the first country in Europe to develop representative institutions. This paper looks into this development through the prism of the perception of royal power. The English developed a specific derstanding of what their king should be. The king has to be just and care about the land, and if he was not his subjects felt that they could make him so. This principle would guide their political and social life through the XI-XIII centuries. This would lead to the Magna Carta and then the formation of the Parliament. The Magna Carta was a proto-constitution of the English states, defining the responsibilities of the government. And it is considered in this paper a supreme manifestation of English perception of royal power. This paper would try to analyze this development. At first it provides a historical background, to enable the reader to better understand the events at work. Then it continues with the analysis of the important documents of the era. Then it looks into the development of English institutions and processes behind the events.
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